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Frozen Treasures event

Dear players, let us introduce our great and unique event.

Frozen Treasures

Your task is easy. Find the hidden treasure and get great rewards. Our Sir Galaneon – Event Manager, will explain everything you need to know.

At the same time, you can try on fun disguises at Frosien.

Spirits aren’t easy to find… hiding behind trees and rocks. Certainly don’t look for it on the road or in the meadow.

… and a word of advice… don’t talk to Spirit without a proper disguise 🙂

The rewards are different and have different rules. Some are repeated, others you win only once for the whole event.

  • Attribute Crystal Box
  • Giant’s Codex – Mastery
  • Giant’s Codex
  • Attribute Stone Box Event
  • Totem of Body
  • Totem of Spirit
  • Totem of Courage
  • Totem of Fortitude
  • Quick Healing Potion
  • Alacrity Juice
  • Accuracy Juice
  • Critical Hit Juice
  • Critical Rate Juice
  • Casting Spd. Juice
  • Evasion Juice
  • M. Atk. Juice
  • Power Juice
  • Speed Juice
  • Defense Juice
  • MP Consumption Juice

  • Coin of Luck
  • Enchantment Tool Box
  • Allegra Box
  • Latus Box
  • Fast Growth Pack
  • Scroll: Enchant Destruction Box Event
  • Soul Crystal – Stage 17 Box Event
  • Soul Crystal – Stage 18 Box Event

  • Scroll: Destruction Enchant S-Grade Set Event
  • Queen Ant’s Ring 180-Day Pack
  • Baium’s Ring 180-Day Pack
  • Earring of Zaken 180-Day Pack
  • Valakas’s Necklace 180-Day Pack
  • Antharas’s Earring 180-Day Pack

Approximately where are the Spirits located?

How about distance?