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Frozen Treasures event

May 12, 2024 at 9:50 pm

Dear players, let us introduce our great and unique event.

Frozen Treasures

Your task is easy. Find the hidden treasure and get great rewards. Our Sir Galaneon – Event Manager, will explain everything you need to know.

At the same time, you can try on fun disguises at Frosien.

Spirits aren’t easy to find… hiding behind trees and rocks. Certainly don’t look for it on the road or in the meadow.

… and a word of advice… don’t talk to Spirit without a proper disguise 🙂

The rewards are different and have different rules. Some are repeated, others you win only once for the whole event.

  • Attribute Crystal Box
  • Giant’s Codex – Mastery
  • Giant’s Codex
  • Attribute Stone Box Event
  • Totem of Body
  • Totem of Spirit
  • Totem of Courage
  • Totem of Fortitude
  • Quick Healing Potion
  • Alacrity Juice
  • Accuracy Juice
  • Critical Hit Juice
  • Critical Rate Juice
  • Casting Spd. Juice
  • Evasion Juice
  • M. Atk. Juice
  • Power Juice
  • Speed Juice
  • Defense Juice
  • MP Consumption Juice

  • Coin of Luck
  • Enchantment Tool Box
  • Allegra Box
  • Latus Box
  • Fast Growth Pack
  • Scroll: Enchant Destruction Box Event
  • Soul Crystal – Stage 17 Box Event
  • Soul Crystal – Stage 18 Box Event

  • Scroll: Destruction Enchant S-Grade Set Event
  • Queen Ant’s Ring 180-Day Pack
  • Baium’s Ring 180-Day Pack
  • Earring of Zaken 180-Day Pack
  • Valakas’s Necklace 180-Day Pack
  • Antharas’s Earring 180-Day Pack

Approximately where are the Spirits located?

How about distance?

Valentine Event

February 10, 2024 at 8:00 am

we love you all

Valentine Messenger Queen Yang will be located in Giran and all other towns.
Speak with her to receive a free Valentine Cake Recipe. This recipe should be registered to your Common Craft Recipe Book. To do this, simply double-click on the item from your inventory window.

There are three ingredients needed to make the first tier cake:

  • 10 Dark Chocolate
  • 10 White Chocolate
  • 5 Fresh Cream

Once you have all the ingredients, you can then attempt to make a Simple Valentine Cake.

Please note that the Simple Valentine Cake has a 95% success rate.

There are four tiers of cakes:

Simple Valentine Cake, Velvety Valentine Cake, Delectables Valentine Cake and Decadent Valentine Cake.
The Velvety, Delectables and Decadent Cakes are only obtainable through the transformation of the cake before it.

For example, a Delectables Valentine Cake has a chance of producing a Decadent Valentine Cake.

In every instance, you either successfully create the next higher cake, or receive the rewards associated with your current cake.

For example, you have a Velvety Valentine Cake. When you double-click it, it will either turn into a Delectables Valentine Cake or you will receive one of the designated rewards for that cake.


Simple Valentine Cake

  • Greater Healing Potion
  • Quick Healing Potions
  • Transformation Scroll: Unicorn
  • Transformation Scroll: Dragon Bomber
  • Velvety Valentine Cake (chance 25%)

Velvety Valentine Cake

  • Scroll: Enchant Armor (C-Grade)
  • Scroll: Enchant Armor (B-Grade)
  • Blessed Scroll of Escape
  • Blessed Scroll of Resurrection
  • Agathion of Love – 3-day limited period
  • Delectable Valentine Cake (chance 30%)

Delectables Valentine Cake

  • Scroll: Enchant Weapon (C-Grade)
  • Scroll: Enchant Weapon (B-Grade)
  • Agathion of Love – 7-day limited period
  • Decadent Valentine Cake (chance 30%)

Decadent Valentine Cake

  • Scroll: Enchant Weapon (S-Grade)
  • Scroll: Enchant Weapon (A-Grade)
  • Agathion of Love – 15-day limited period
  • Agathion of Love – 30-day limited period

And, if you have 10 Delectables Valentine Cake and 10 CoL you can make  Heavenly Cake with following rewards:

  • Earring of Zaken (chance 0,01%)
  • Ring of Queen Ant (chance 0,1%)
  • Earring of Zaken (Event) – 7-day limited period (chance 8%)
  • Queen Ant’s Ring (Event) – 15-day limited period (chance 18%)
  • Queen Ant’s Ring (Event) – 3-day limited period (chance 60%)

We wish all players a loving days

Christmas event Save Santa

December 23, 2023 at 8:00 am

Saving Santa – Christmas event

There are several types of rewards in this great event.

To get gifts (a stockings) and great rewards, you have to beat Thomas the Turkey in a game of rock-scissors-paper, who won’t let Santa out of his holding.

At the same time, you can collect Christmas ornaments from all the monsters and change them into Christmas trees.

Trees and Buff

Santa Trainee
Santa Trainee
Special Tree Exchange
Santa Tree
Santa Special Tree
Santa Special Tree Buff

[ Thomas D. Turkey ]

Thomas D Turkey

The turkey appears randomly every 4 hours at one of 5 locations.

  1. Frozen Labyrinth – near Ice Sculptures
  2. Plunderous Plains – near Railroad Station
  3. Elven Forest – near Mother Tree
  4. Fantasy Isle – near fountain in centre
  5. on Parnassus

Frozen Labyrinth

Plunderous Plains
Plunderous Plains

Elven Forest
Elven Forest

Fantasy Isle


The game with a Thomas D. Turkey

  • Put the Saving Santa Hat, you get at Santa Trainee, and you can start the game rock – paper – scissors

Santa Trainee
Santa Trainee




When you win, you have a saved Santa ! You get a special Christmas Gift 🙂

Also visit Santa Trainee in town to pick up a special magic – Holiday Festival.

Holiday Festival

Santa saved
Santa saved

After you’ve rescued Santa, all players who are on the hunt will receive a Christmas gift. Santa will appear and hand you a present directly into your inventory. This gift can be received 1x per day on 1 character in the game account.


  • Santa Claus’ Gift Set
Santa Claus Gift Set

When you open the stockings, you can find the following sweets inside:

  • Santa Claus Gift Joy
  • Santa Claus Gift Joy Buffs

  • Santa Claus Gift Enjoyment
  • Special Christmas Tree

  • Santa Claus Gift Luck
  • Santa Claus Weapon Ticket
  • 100 DCoins

If you get a Weapon Ticket, you can it exchange at Santa Trainee for a special weapon. If you have a big Luck, you get a Weapon enchanted +12 (Type of weapon you can chosen from list). In normal way, you get a Random enchanted Weapon from +6 up to +16.

  • Wlexider Defense Accessory
  • Wlexider Defense Accessory Raid Boss Jewel Box
  • Wlexider Defense Accessory Raid Boss Jewel

We wish you a Merry Christmas, lots of presents, luck and love.


October 28, 2023 at 8:00 am

Started Halloween Event

collect Nectar for growing pumpkins

  • smash your adult pumpkins using transformation and get reward
  • Transformation weapon can be exchanged at the Scarecrow in Giran and Aden
  • you can also buy seeds from him, for growing
  • event will be active until 20.11.2023

Have Fun !

We will be happy to answer all your questions on our server Discord.

Attractive medal collecting event on Dark Dragon server

July 15, 2023 at 9:00 am

Please meet …

cats Roy and Winnie have lost their medals all over the wide world and are offering great prices for finding them.

Heavy Medal Event on Dark Dragon Lineage 2 server

Winnie collects gold coins and in exchange allows you to reach better rewards.

However, this is a bit of a game … You have a 30% chance of winning the next level.

Roy will trade you bronze medals for bargain items, liquors and special crystals.

If you reach the highest level, you will be offered the following rewards:

You have time to search and collect medals until 12.08.2023, when it will be replaced by another, equally interesting event.

I wish you good luck and great fun on our great server.

Dark Dragon first year celebration