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How to connect

Please follow all 4 points. Please use only our Dark Dragon Updater to run the game.

1) Download Game Client

you can download game client from our game portal

Lineage 2 – High Five game client

after download, unpack both archives to game folder like screen bellow

2) Download Dark Dragon Updater

Dark Dragon Updater

after download, unpack DarkDragonUpdaterv2 to game folder like screen bellow

3) Run Updater

run Updater “DarkDragon.exe”

click on “full check”

select the language of your language for game client (EN, or CZ)

click on “START” and enjoy the Game !

step 1
step 1

step 2
step 2

step 3
step 3

4) Create Game Account

open our Account Manager website


Q: Can’t connect ?

A: Try add exception to firewall/antivirus for .exe files! (Dark Dragon Updater and l2.exe)

–> více info / more see at Přidání vyloučení do Zabezpečení Windows – Podpora Microsoftu

Q: Can’t run game ?

A: Run Updater – full check!

Q: Can’t login ?

A: Try login via account manager at website, check

Q: Can’t connect ?

A: If you are using Windows 8 and higher, then try to set “l2.exe” to Windows 7 compatibility mode.

Q: Can’t create game account ?

A: If you get this message when creating a game account, clear your browser cache / cookies, or use a different browser.

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