Dark Dragon

Welcome to Dark Dragon server. We are back after very long time and we bring you new Dark Dragon High Five low rate server.

Promo Test Server - OPEN!

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Hardware: Intel Xeon 8-Core, 32gb 4DDR RAM, 2x SSD, Anti-DDOS

Dark Dragon High Five 3x:

Basic rates are set to 3x. (More details about rates at our webpage)...

We provide the best expirience from: Castle Sieges, Territory Wars, Seven Signs, Olympiad, Grand Bosses, Events and much more...



  • Skilltree - All about skills
  • Droplist - Searching by mobs or items, Map spawn view, XP, SP, chances, counts
  • Beastfarm

Game Server

  • Auction (Community Board)
  • GoD Weapons, Armors,... (We are working on best way to get new items and make new Weapons, Armors balanced in H5 World)
    (We are preparing article about this feature!)


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Updated information at forum.darkdragon.cz


Updated information at forum.darkdragon.cz