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Update 09.11.2016

Today we have prepared quite a large package of fixes and improvements.

We choosethe most important ones:

  • Pagan Temple fix spawn mobs in dark rooms
  • Pagan Temple – added a Anteroom key to drop
  • Wondrous Cubic and Refined Cube 1-time use fix
  • Subclass skills fix for Kamael – Male/Female
  • Seed of Infinity – 1 stage fix
  • 4 Sepulchers correction ( Heal )
  • Karma players can now use teleport scrolls
  • Quest “Take Your Best Shot” changed to server rate
  • Rune Teleport – Stanislava Fix
  • Core fixes, Security improvements, Geo Engine fixes
  • some skills and spawns fixes ( Ant Nest, … )

and more others …

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