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Dark Dragon game server – Update 02.12.2023

Update, repair and maintenance of the game server

Development never sleeps, so today we bring you more fixes and improvements from the last month.

  • Implement server protection from malicius clients
  • Fixed auto farmer delays when activate spoils
  • Retail like seven signs npcs
  • Fixed clan air ships in gracia continent
  • Fixed lilith and anakim not have minions
  • Now players can use WASD without lagging
  • Retail like when spam skill activate next and allow player to move
  • Improve server files for better performance
  • Fixed steal divinity now it will not take invalid skills
  • Fixed attribute exploit on weapons
  • Retail like disarm skills
  • Now geo engine is more retail like

The next Update (23.12.2023) will be about the launch event at Christmas time.

Christmas Santa

🐉 🎉 Enjoy game at Dark Dragon server 🐉 🎉

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