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Service & Update Dark Dragon Lineage 2 High Five server

Game Update 23/07/2022

* Changes – fixes *
– Enhanced mobs – small changes in recovery HP, stats
– Losing items – after dead –> set to 0, no changes for PK
– Cursewd weapons – using Automated Hunting no more allowed if you transformed
– Items – changing the storage of items for possible future better search and troubleshooting
– Pets – it is not possible to control the pet during automated hunting if the level difference is higher than 20
– My missions – magical critical hits are now correctly calculated
– Welcome cubes (character start gift) – now can be stored in Private warehouse
– Quest The Finest Ingredients Part – 2 – fixed Table respawn, Raids and conditions
– Raid Boss Eilhalder von Hellmann – fixed spawn conditions
– Crossbow enhancement – fixed

* Added engines *

~Raid Boss list including teleport function~

You can now use the teleport function directly to Raid Bosses.
Just open our community board with alt+b, press the Raid Bosses button,
find your selected RB from the list and click on the text on the right.
If the RB is alive, the teleport will take place.
Other conditions for teleporting are a fee of 10 DCoins,
that your character is not in combat and not PK or even Cursed.

You can use this feature every 60 seconds.

Raid Boss list including teleport function

Enjoy playing on our great server !

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