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Christmas event Save Santa

December 24, 2022 at 8:00 am

Saving Santa Christmas event

There are several types of rewards in this great event.

To get gifts (a stockings) and great rewards, you have to beat Thomas the Turkey in a game of rock-scissors-paper, who won’t let Santa out of his holding.

At the same time, you can collect Christmas ornaments from all the monsters and change them into Christmas trees.

Trees and Buff

Santa Trainee
Santa Trainee
Special Tree Exchange
Santa Tree
Santa Special Tree
Santa Special Tree Buff

[ Thomas D. Turkey ]

Thomas D Turkey

The turkey appears randomly every 4 hours at one of 5 locations.

  1. Frozen Labyrinth – near Ice Sculptures
  2. Plunderous Plains – near Railroad Station
  3. Elven Forest – near Mother Tree
  4. Fantasy Isle – near fountain in centre
  5. on Parnassus

Frozen Labyrinth

Plunderous Plains
Plunderous Plains

Elven Forest
Elven Forest

Fantasy Isle


The game with a Thomas D. Turkey

  • Put the Saving Santa Hat, you get at Santa Trainee, and you can start the game rock – paper – scissors

Santa Trainee
Santa Trainee




When you win, you have a saved Santa ! You get a special Christmas Gift 🙂

Also visit Santa Trainee in town to pick up a special magic – Holiday Festival.

Holiday Festival

Santa saved
Santa saved

After you’ve rescued Santa, all players who are on the hunt will receive a Christmas gift. Santa will appear and hand you a present directly into your inventory. This gift can be received 1x per day on 1 character in the game account.


  • Santa Claus’ Gift Set
Santa Claus Gift Set

When you open the stockings, you can find the following sweets inside:

  • Santa Claus Gift Joy
  • Santa Claus Gift Joy Buffs

  • Santa Claus Gift Enjoyment
  • Special Christmas Tree

  • Santa Claus Gift Luck
  • Santa Claus Weapon Ticket
  • 100 DCoins

If you get a Weapon Ticket, you can it exchange at Santa Trainee for a special weapon. If you have a big Luck, you get a Weapon enchanted +12 (Type of weapon you can chosen from list). In normal way, you get a Random enchanted Weapon from +6 up to +16.

  • Wlexider Defense Accessory
  • Wlexider Defense Accessory Raid Boss Jewel Box
  • Wlexider Defense Accessory Raid Boss Jewel

We wish you a Merry Christmas, lots of presents, luck and love.

Christmas holidays 2022

November 26, 2022 at 7:45 am

Christmas is approaching at the speed of light 🙂 and so we are preparing Christmas events. There will be a Christmas Rescue game, where players will have to beat Thomas the Turkey in a game, special Christmas trees and of course gifts.

To start with, every Advent Sunday, the Leaders Totem will appear in Giran and Aden to cast a special spell.

Service & Update Dark Dragon Lineage 2 High Five server

October 29, 2022 at 2:56 pm

Started Halloween Event

collect Nectar for growing pumpkins

  • smash your adult pumpkins using transformation and get reward
  • Transformation weapon can be exchanged at the Scarecrow in Giran and Aden
  • you can also buy seeds from him, for growing
  • event will be active until 19.11.2022

Have Fun !

Game security update – part three

  • start game only by our Updater

We will be happy to answer all your questions on our server Discord.

Update & News Dark Dragon Lienage 2 High Five server

October 2, 2022 at 10:15 am

Update 01.10.2022

> cancelling the restoration of items dropped on the ground, including coins, after a server restart

> adding Life Stone lvl 70 exchange for Life Stone for Jewels

> game security update – first part

> significant reduction in power consumption / CPU load of the server

> Retail like mass res inside siege zones

> fixed bug with some skills which not block debuffs properly

> from now, you can see conquerable halls in world info (map/info/clan halls)